At Kaabo UAE we always strive to deliver on expectations and create a great customer experience. We will never knowingly make misrepresentations about the products we sell and will always work with you to resolve any issues to your satisfaction.

The Kaabo UAE is committed to producing high quality products and we offer a three months warranty on our products.

You must be the original owner and have your proof of purchase or order number. The warranty protects you against MANUFACTURING DEFECTS.

The warranty period on all scooters is 3 months.

Please also take note of the weigh restrictions for your scooter and read the manual before using your scooter.

The following parts and damages are not included as part of the warranty:
Consumables like brake pads, tires, tubes and regular  wear and tear of all parts.
Damages, malfunctions, or performance problems caused by collision, fire, accident, environmental conditions (including acid rain, volcanic ash, sea salt, bird droppings, hail or UV exposure), overloading, lack of routine care and maintenance, and/or other misuse not in line with the scooter's intended purpose. 

The following events or activities will void the warranty;

  • Exceeding the weight and/or speed limits (check product descriptions for your model’s limitations)
  • Scooter's involved in an accident or reckless/intentional damage. 
  • The requested work is to repair normal wear and tear, surface or cosmetic damage. 
  • Exposing the electric scooters or battery to ambient temperatures above 100°F  or below 0°F for more than a few hours at a time.
  • Subjecting the electric scooters to flood water, windstorms, hailstorms or other similar occurrences
  • Immersion of our electric scooters in any liquid medium 
  • Attempting to alter the programming of any electronic system
  • Improper battery maintenance (see manual)

We have the rights to evaluate the scooter damaged based on the warranty description of our company.