Kaabo Scooters


Kaabo was founded in 2013. Kaabo is based on impeccable quality and service. As a leader in China's short-haul intelligent transportation industry, all products are developed independently by themselves. Kaabo adheres to the philosophy of safety and environmental protection, based on a global industrial vision, and is committed to creating innovative products that are suitable for different environments.

This relatively new brand has certainly made its mark, with over 40 patents in just seven years, Kaboo electric scooters focuses on maintaining stability and safety over prolonged drives and therefore and high speeds. The Kaabo Mantis scooter is perhaps one of its best, voted ‘favourite scooter 2020’ by many review sites, this agile electric scooter offers nimble steering, quick charging and light handling. Kaabo, as a brand, is determined to provide excellent products in personal travel so people can use these electric scooters for practical reasons, as well as having fun.

About the product
Kaabo manufactures electric scooters and high quality accessories at unbeatable prices.
Each model has been handcrafted to give a real freedom to the scooter. Take the road or across a field that would be impossible with a normal scooter - the Kaabo scooter pushes the limits.

Seamless design
Kaabo has a team of professional designers to complete the design of the scooters.

Kaabo scooters are unique all over the world.